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The Dewey Handgun Cleaning Rod features a 6.5" working length, 1/4" brass pistol cleaning rod with ball bearing handle assembly, 8/32 female threads, and includes a universal brass patch loop.  Perfect for .357/.38/9mm, .40, and .45 caliber handguns.  Not for .17 or .22 caliber.

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Product Description


Non-scratching, solid brass cleaning rod helps make short work of stubborn chamber fouling in handguns. Threaded rod accepts popular 8-32 tpi chamber brushes, mops, and other accessories. Allows cleaning of any pistol or revolver chamber from .357/.38/9mm to .50 caliber. Large, comfortable handle ensures your cleaning energy is directed on removing crud instead of controlling the rod. Mfg: Dewey SPECS: Brass. 7-5/8"" (19.4cm) OAL, 1/4"" (6.4mm) diameter rod.

Dewey Handgun Chamber & Cylinder Cleaning Rod


The Dewey Handgun Cleaning Rod features a 6.5"" working length, 1/4"" brass pistol cleaning rod with ball bearing handle assembly, 8/32 female threads, and includes a universal brass patch loop. Perfect for .357/.38/9mm, .40, and .45 caliber handguns. Not for .17 or .22 caliber. Mfg: Dewey

Dewey Handgun Cleaning Rod


Brass jags are specially designed for use with Dewey Coated Rifle Rods ONLY. J, Brass jags are the unique Dewey design that take a patch over-the-end, or wrapped around. Mfg: Dewey SPECS: Machined brass. NOTE: 22J, 22JM, 24J and 6.5J Jags will fit 22C Coated Rods only. 27J thru 45J Jags will fit 30C-17 through 38C-12 Coated Rods ONLY.

Dewey Cleaning Rod Jags


Cleaning rods, brushes, jags, and adapters have machined aluminum components that don't react with ammonia-based solvents like brass parts sometimes do. Won't produce blue-green stains on your patches that can be misinterpreted as ""false positive"" indications of copper fouling, so you'll know when your bore really is copper-free. Similar in hardness to brass, Copper Eliminator parts won't scratch the bore or damage the muzzle, and they'll stand up to hard use. Top-quality steel rods have the same tough, nylon outer coating and ball-bearing smooth rotating handle as standard Dewey rods, with an 8-32 female threaded aluminum ferrule. Each rod comes wit Mfg: Dewey SPECS: Steel rod, black nylon coated, with aluminum fittings and red plastic handle. 8-32 female threads. Available in 36"", 40"", and 44"" lengths. Jag included.

Dewey Copper Eliminator Rifle Cleaning Rods


The combination of limited chamber space and the large tube inside diameter needed for brush clearance eliminates the possibility of any type of chamber sealing o-ring. We have incorporated a front brass bushing, which centers the guide in the barrel extension and butts up against the chamber opening. The large o-ring on the back end locks into the bolt opening at the rear of the receiver to reduce longitudinal movement of the guide during the cleaning process. Made from Delrin, Brass, and Anodized Aluminum For use with any J. Dewey Cleaning Rods Mfg: Dewey SPECS: Aluminum, anodized. Delrin handle. Rubber O-rings. Approximately 9"" (22.9cm) long. Includes spare O-rings and O-ring installation tool. AR-15/M16 model fits rifles chambered in .223/5.56mm and .204 Ruger.

Dewey Ar-15/M16/ 308 Ar Cleaning Rod Guide


Brass loops are specially designed for use with Dewey Coated Rifle Rods ONLY. Mfg: Dewey SPECS: Machined brass.

Dewey Cleaning Rod Loops


Dewey cleaning rods are a favorite with competition shooters in all disciplines. The coating on Dewey rods is tough and expertly applied. We include a jag and brush adapter (where needed) with all Dewey rods. Rods are 34"" long.ROD LENGTHS DO NOT INCLUDE HANDLE. Mfg: Dewey

Dewey Shotgun Cleaning Rods


Designed for cleaning .223 service rifles and most .22 caliber handguns, these coated rods prevent metal-to-metal contact that can scratch the rifling and ruin accuracy. Spring steel rod with durable proprietary coating that resists solvents and abrasion for a lifetime of use. 22-CF-6 & 22-CF-9 have a 8-32 female threaded tip for use with all standard-size cleaning accessories. Includes brass cleaning loop. 22-C-30 has 8-36 male threaded tip that fits included jag, plus a separate 8-32 female threaded adapter for use with standard cleaning accessories. Mfg: Dewey SPECS: Handle - molded polymer, 1 1/4"" (3.2cm) dia., ball bearings. Rod - nylon coated spring steel, .21"" (5.6mm) dia.

Dewey Pistol/Service Rifle Rod


Stainless steel rods fit .17 and .20 caliber handguns and rifles. Made for airgun maintenance and cleaning. Female thread (5-40) , accepts Dewey and Outers brushes. Comes with Dewey professional, brass jag tip. Mfg: Dewey

Dewey Small Caliber Rods


Machined brass guide with protective O-Ring retainer prevents damage to rifling and coated cleaning rods. Keeps rod centered; will not scrape coating from rod. Four different sizes fit .30 through .45 caliber barrels; accommodate all .30 caliber coated rods. Mfg: Dewey SPECS: Machined brass. C-30 fits .30-308 caliber. C-35 fits .35-358, 9mm, 357 caliber. C-45 fits .45, 45/70, .458 caliber.

Dewey Coated Rod Muzzle Guide


Makes fast work of dirty chambers. CHR Rifle/Pistol Rod (8-32 thread) , CHS Shotgun Rod, (5/16""-27) female thread. CHR-50 Rod - fits .50 caliber Browning Machine Gun, (5/16""-27) female thread. Mfg: Dewey SPECS: Handle 11/2"" (2.9cm) diameter. Brass rod, CHR and CHS - 91/2"" (24cm) long. CHR-50 - 17"" (43cm) long. Use 10 gauge shotgun brushes for .50 BMG. Chamber Rods have fixed Non-Rotating handles.

Dewey Brass Chamber Rod


Available as a two-piece rod that breaks down and stores easily, or as an extra-strong, one-piece rod, perfect for bench and field use. Lightweight aluminum rod with nylon coating protects shotgun bores from damage. Includes nylon patch loop. Fixed handle. Mfg: Dewey SPECS: Rod - 3/8"" (9.5mm) dia., 5/16""-27 female thread. 34"" (86.4cm) or 26"" (66cm) long. Handle - 1-1/8"" (2.9cm) dia., 2-7/8"" (7.3cm) long.

Dewey Coated Shotgun Rods


Traditional, solid brass; will not damage delicate rifling. Mfg: Dewey SPECS: 8-32 female thread. Rod - brass 36"" (91cm) lg. Handle - plastic, roller bearings 11/8"" (2.9cm) diameter. 27/8"" (7.3cm) long, includes caliber-specific, brass loop.

Dewey Brass Rods


Heavy-duty, one-piece, all-gauge brass rod with a solid handle. 5/16""-27 male thread accepts the included universal brass patch loop. Included 5/16""-27 female adapter allows use of standard cleaning attachments. Mfg: Dewey SPECS: 5/16"" (7.9mm) dia. shaft, 34-SBB cleans barrels up to 34"" (86.4cm) long. 26-SSB fits 26"" and shorter barrels. Handle is 1-1/8"" (2.9cm) across flutes x 2-7/8"" (7.3cm) long.

Dewey One-Piece Shotgun Rods


Simple, one-piece brass rod with a finger loop on the end. Perfect for the range and mighty handy on the bench, too. Includes brass slotted tip. Fits .22 caliber and larger barrels. Mfg: Dewey SPECS: Brass 3/16"" (4.8mm) diameter. 4"" (10.2cm) , 6"" (15.2cm) , 9"" (22.9cm) or 24"" (61cm) long. 8-32 female thread takes standard accessories.

Dewey ""loop"" Rifle & Pistol Rod


Mfg: Dewey

Dewey Bolt Action Maintenance Rod


Dewey 24 Nylon-Coated Cleaning Rod, Brush Adapter & Jag, .22- & .25-Cal Airguns

Dewey 24 Nylon-Coated Cleaning Rod, Brush Adapter & Jag, .22- & .25-Cal Airguns


25 inch .20 Caliber Coated Dewey Rod & Jag

25 inch .20 Caliber Coated Dewey Rod & Jag


36 .22 & .25 Caliber Coated Dewey Rod & Jag

36 .22 & .25 Caliber Coated Dewey Rod & Jag


Dewey 26 Coated Rod, Jag, .177 - .20 Caliber

Dewey 26 Coated Rod, Jag, .177 - .20 Caliber

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